Interested in networking either for business or interests?  Here are some local groups in Gettysburg and surrounding areas you can consider looking into 🙂  There’s no real networking system in Gettysburg.  We at Gettysburg Wire will be working to change that.

Adams & York County Wine Enthusiasts

Gettysburg Writers Brigade

Gettysburg Paranormal Society

PC Gamers in Fairfield

Mommies of Littlestown

South Central PA Backpackers

Cumberland Valley Working Moms

South Central PA Street Bikes

You know you’re from Gettysburg when.. Facebook Group

Super Selling Adams County Yard Sale Facebook Group

Have a networking group (doesn’t have to be a Meetup Group) in the area?  Feel free to let us know in the comments!  We could make this it’s own section of Gettysburg Wire!

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