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Recipe: Chicken and Dumplings from Alabama

Civil War Southern RecipesSubmitted by: Crystal Groves of Gettysburg PA

This is another recipe from my Alabaman grandmother, but modified for modern conveniences.  I will reference the older fashioned way as well for those (like me) that prefer to cook from scratch as much as possible.  This is more like a stew than a soup, which is the way my family likes it.

Approximately 3 chicken breasts worth of chicken
Approximately 96 oz of chicken broth (that is two 48oz cans of store-bought)
1 stick of butter
Salt and pepper to taste
4 cups of biscuit dough or 6 biscuits (or the equivalent of 4 cups of bisquick)

Cook the chicken ahead of time, either use leftover chicken roast or cook the chicken breasts thouroughly with your spices of choice.

Add the broth to a large cooking pot along with the cooked chicken pre-cut into bites, salt & pepper, and the stick of butter.  Bring to a starting boil, but while this is heating up start prepping your dumplings.

In a separate bowl add 2 cups of bisquick and mix in warm water until it is a pasty dough consistency.  Start spooning in spoonfuls of the dough into the chicken and dumplings.  Alternatively you can break up pre-made biscuits and start putting chunks into the broth to cook.

Cook until the dough no longer looks doughy but instead looks like dumplings.


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