Rumors and Facts in Gettysburg and Adams County

Gettysburg RumorsWelcome to the Gettysburg RUMORS page, where we try to compile and update all the rumors around the county in ONE place. We get asked the same questions a lot from folks around the county, so we are hoping this will help everyone have a central location to go to confirm or deny whether a rumor is true or not.

Disclaimer: We will not be posting anything bashing a citizen in the county. If someone has been arrested that is a prominent figure, we may mention it, but please don’t ask us questions that are private. Only public record.

Current Gettysburg Rumors or Facts as of June 2nd 2020

(bold are the updates)

  1. Planet Fitness is NOT coming to Gettysburg at this time
  2. Aldi is NOT coming to Gettysburg at this time
  3. Nothing additional has been confirmed for the Panera Bread building locations that are open
  4. There is a discussion about another parking garage per the Gettysburg Times, but we don’t know when or if it is confirmed yet
  5. Yes, we have Uber, Lyft, UberEats and Doordash. For UberEats and Doorbash, not all local companies are signed up, so please confirm before you order.
  6. Cashtown Inn is not closed but recently does have an offer on the table
  7. No, monuments in Gettysburg have not been vandalized due to 2020 protests

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