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Recipe: Yankee Pudding (Crackers and Gravy)

Crackers and Gravy Thanksgiving Country RecipeSubmitted by: Crystal Groves of Gettysburg PA

This is a staple recipe of my Bama family for the holidays.  My maternal grandmothers family was from Alabama, and they called this Yankee Pudding, though I have not found a reference to it anywhere else that looks anything similar.  It was a great (and depression cheap) way to use your leftover turkey broth to make a filling side-dish.

Turkey Broth
Saltine Crackers

Break up a pack of crackers or two into a bowl.

Use a ladle to start adding broth to the crackers in the bowl until they are moist but not runny.

That’s it!  The seasonings from the broth will imbue into the crackers and it will almost be like a stuffing.

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