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Residents Respond: Ideas for the newly purchased Transit Station lot

As stated by the Gettysburg Times, there is a contractor interested in developing the empty Transit Station Lot by the Racehorse Alley parking garage. They mentioned in the article that the developer was interested in ideas for the use of the lot, so we asked 🙂

The most popular ideas related to some form of mixed use small business/apartment/open air use. For example, bringing a market like the Hanover Markets over that hosts many small businesses inside. A similar idea was proposed to have a mixed use of affordable housing and small business with open air spacing. A similar proposal was mentioned as a “Walking Mall” where the center is carved out for seating and greenery and then lined with small shops and affordable housing above the businesses.

The second most popular suggestion was some form of Gym, like a Planet Fitness. This of course came before the recent announcement that we are getting a Planet Fitness in Gettysburg (though we’re not sure of where, yet).

Some additional one-off suggestions were:

  • A concert venue
  • Some sort of chain like Jiffy Lube, Hooters, or best Buy
  • A bus station

The concert venue would be problematic in this location due to noise ordinances and being surrounded by residents that may not appreciate the extra noise and traffic.

Chain stores  really depends on how much our community wants to support small businesses. Our current “Question of the Week” actually addresses that, so feel free to give your input. Would we want to bring in larger chains or would we want to support newer small business owners at this new location?

The bus station suggestion had it’s own responses from residents that highlighted the existing bus station and how little they feel buses are used in Gettysburg. Others chimed in with a desire to be able to bus out of state from Gettysburg.

If you have additional suggestions, feel free to comment with them 🙂

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