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Review of the 2014 Apple Blossom Festival in Biglerville

Country Festivals in Gettysburg

Apple Bobbing Contest and Pie Eating Contests among the events

We went into the apple blossom festival not knowing what to expect, and not with high expectations simply for that reason.  However we were pleasantly surprised and very glad we decided to go.

You’re met right off the bat with a slew of antique cars, talented vendors, the aroma of country food, and the distant hawing of local music.  It’s almost like a step back in time, or at the very least a step towards a more simpler time.

I was truly amazed at some of the local talent that I didn’t even know we had in the immediate area.  Despite budgeting ourselves at $40 for the day, when we ran across Joe Stebbing Jr. of “Chainsaw Carvings by Joe“, we fell in love with a rooster carving that Donald had to pick up for my dad.  Not only was his work stunning, but he was about as polite and grateful as can be.  I was honored to support his amazing skill-set.  You need to seriously check out his 2013-2014 gallery.

We were also mesmerized by an older gentleman from Dillsburg who did some of the most intricate pieces of woodwork we have ever seen, and with absolutely no stains at all.  He was more than happy to tell us about Purple Heart Wood and how it has a natural purple hue used in his workings.  If you happen to know the name of this gentleman, please leave a comment and let us know.  We misplaced his business card 🙂

I was interested in the soap and lotion vendor, Healing Herbs Personal Creations, who had a topical salve that was built specifically for eczema and psoriasis.  Within this last week since starting to use her salve, my psoriasis has reduced by half.  To me this tells me this lady (who has a degree in Herbalism I am told) knows what she is doing.

The petting zoo was a lot of fun and I saw some of the biggest rabbits I have ever seen (and some of the softest that I now want for myself).

The food was excellent.  Readers on our Facebook had suggested we try the pit-beef, so we did and it was delicious.  However, because we went on Sunday, it was slightly cold.

Donald was taken by the Chuckwagon Soda vendor due to his love of all things root beer and sarsaparilla.  I was partial to the apple cider slushie by the pit-beef vendor.

One of our bigger disappointments was, despite it only being 2pm, many vendors started packing up early even though the festival was on for another 3 hours.  It honestly made no sense to pack up so early when there were still people coming into the gate.  There were potential sales to miss out on, and we didn’t even get to see some of the vendor wares.

Overall the Apple Blossom Festival is well worth the visit.  If you want a back-woods experience with good folks, local talent, and hearty food, then don’t miss out on the Apple Blossom Festival in 2015.  We WILL be there 🙂

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