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Tax Season? Support Local Tax Companies Instead of Big Chains

Tax season is about to ramp up across the United States.  Companies have until the end of January to send out your W-2’s and then tax preparers will be working long hours taking in all the local populace in order to prepare their taxes.

Many of you might remember the local debacle with one of the local tax “chains” in Gettysburg that we won’t mention here because we don’t want to send them any business at all.  Needless to say they fired one of their employees of 15 years in order to try and sell their business, refusing to pay her the last paycheck and damaging her property in the process.  This caused a rather large local uproar where people from all over the York/Adams area were posting their own commentary on not only Gettysburg Wire, but also the national chain Facebook page.

That said, the employee in question has branched out on her own to start her own tax company.  This is a long time resident of Adams County that we at Gettysburg Wire have done business with for a decade, and she really knows her stuff.

Tax Company in Adams County Pennsylvania, better than H&R Block

Forsythe Tax & Accounting Service in Gettysburg Pennsylvania

Enter in Forsythe Tax & Accounting Service.

Locally run, locally supported.  If you need someone to do your taxes this year, then this is the place we’re going to recommend you to go.  Gettysburg Wire has always had the goal of supporting local businesses and residents.  It not only helps the economy, but it helps our local residents too.  By taking your business to locally run companies, you are putting your money back into the very town you live in.  You’re creating local jobs, and you’re keeping Gettysburg thriving.

So DO BUSINESS LOCALLY.  Support this new startup with decades of experience in tax and accounting services this year.

For what it’s worth, this is not a paid endorsement.  We do not yet make any money by any posts we make here.  It’d sure be nice, but right now we love Gettysburg and just want to keep her strong and resilient in trouble economic times 🙂

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