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A Visit to Cafe Saint-Amand and Morgenstern Chiropractic

One of my favorite things to do as a representative of Gettysburg Wire, is to visit local businesses of all types, and write about it here.  We have such a rich number of locally run shops, stores, restaurants, and even professional services, that I consider us truly blessed.

Two recent excursions led me to some new places, one voluntarily and one involuntarily.

Cafe Saint-Amand French BistroCafe Saint-Amand

Donald and I decided to have a nice romantic breakfast the other day, and I had been dying to try out a French Bistro, and passing by Cafe Saint-Amand over and over again, I finally saw the chance to stop in.  The decor is a very classy yet modern bistro lounge style with a big open-air room and beautiful french artwork and decorations.  We seated ourselves and were greeted by very friendly staff who met all of our expectations.

I ordered their french onion soup and the berry crepe, because who doesn’t love a crepe with fruit and heavy cream?

Donald ordered their chicken, veggie, and muenster cheese crepe and their apple, ginger, cinnamon crepe for dessert.  We didn’t realize at the time how large these crepes really were, so Donald could not possibly finish eating two of them.

While the french onion soup was a little bland for my taste, the crepes were divine, both savory and sweet.  This is definitely a stop for me to make more often now that I’ve had a taste of french bistro.  I very much want to try out the lunch and dinner menus now.

Chiropractic Office in Adams County PAMorgenstern Chiropractic

Donald pulled a neck-to-shoulder muscle during one of our heavy weight-lifting episode last week, and had been barely able to sit comfortably, let alone sleep.  Since we live fairly close to Morgenstern Chiropractic, we decided to give his services a try and see if it would help.

The staff was very friendly on our arrival, and after we filled out the initial paperwork we were taken to one of the back “patient” cubicles and Dr. Chris immediately started to diagnose Donald’s problem rather quickly.

Donald was placed on a massage-like table and some electric pads were placed over his shoulders that would shoot electric impulses into him to ease the inflammation of the muscle.  Dr. Chris then cracked and moved some of the muscles around, which Donald said felt great.

We were then taken into the back where Donald was placed into the Aqua massage table, which shoots water up and down your body (you stay dry) to knead and massage the muscles.  Donald giggled a lot during this process, and afterward Dr. Chris even allowed me to take it for a spin so I can attest for the wonderful and revitalizing feeling afterwards.

Lastly Donald was placed on another table that rolled or undulated his back continuously as our final node of treatment.

I don’t know why it took me so long to visit a Chiropractic, because if I had known how amazing it made the body feel afterwards, I’d probably schedule some regular visits.  Dr. Chris was very to-the-solution with this methodology, and we were very satisfied if not excited about our visit and discovery.

So there you go!  Two more great amazing local businesses to try out, whether you live here are are just here for a visit.  Supporting Gettysburg local economy by supporting Gettysburg local business is the best thing we can do for our neighbors 🙂



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