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What is the Gettysburg Wire?

Occasionally I get a question about what the purpose and function of the Gettysburg Wire is, and how it serves the local businesses around Adams County.

First let me tell you what it isn’t.

The Gettysburg Wire is not a site intended for tourists or to promote tourism.  That’s not to say that it can’t be uesful for tourists, but that is not its original intent.  There are already amazing resources, like Destination Gettysburg, who have the budget and massive network to really encourage tourism in our beautiful county.  They are by far the best resource for tourists to know the ins and outs of tourism in Gettysburg.

The Gettysburg wire is not a newspaper, we’re not journalists or reporters, and we’re not out there trying to bring you the latest breaking news. Our fine newspaper, The Gettysburg Times, is here for that purpose. We’ve been told the name is confusing in that it makes us seem like a news source, but it was intended to be a wire as in networking or connection between folks in the community. So while there may be similarities with a news source in the type of things we post, we’re not a newspaper. We post relevant information for the locals and a way for them to interact.

So what is Gettysburg Wire?

If you’re anything like me, you love this area with all of the beautiful little shops and the ability to have that small town vibe but still maintain our connection on a national level.  We are within driving distance of several large cities from Baltimore, D.C., Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, etc., but can still tend to our rural roots and close-knit community.

What Gettysburg Wire is intended for is the locals, and by that I mean the people that live here and breathe the Gettysburg life day in and day out.  Gettysburg Wire is a portal for the population of Adams County to come together and discuss issues, provide commentary, support our local economy, and act as a tool for all citizens in our surrounding area.

Gettysburg Wire is still in its beginning stages, but we have a lot in store to provide you with the best resource available for local residents in Adams County.  Already we provide avenues for public or anonymous commentary, let you know when new jobs are opening up, and insight on facts, places, or events that you might not otherwise know about.  We keep track of big news & events, help boost new businesses and let you know when businesses leave town.  We are working on resources to help you find the things you need locally without having to search outside of your own community.  Adams County as so many talented businesses and individuals, you can thrive on a lot of what it has to offer without having to go outside of your own neighborhood.

And there is so much more in the pipeline to make this YOUR resource for a strong community and a better life for all of us in Gettysburg and surrounding areas.  A lot of information will be provided by you and your neighbors, and together we will help keep the economy here strong and support each other. We try out new shops and businesses and tell you about them, we share photos that your neighbors have taken, we help find lost animals, we help you find a job, and we let you leave reviews about businesses in town.

So that is our goal here, to be a resource for YOU as a citizen of Adams County and surrounding areas without any political agenda or corporate funded bias. The tourists already get enough attention, and we love them for all the business they bring to the community, but we want the locals to have their own resources as well.

As always, we welcome all suggestions, comments, and ideas 🙂

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